GVLC - LBI Memorabilia (yearbooks, pictures, Bible Banner, etc)

Cards and Posters:  Artist's rendering of the campus

"John's Favorites" - A CD with 19 pieces of music by various GVLC-LBI Choirs is available for purchase.  The price for this CD is $20.00 (which includes shipping and handling [this CD will be discounted 50%, if purchased at any reunion]). 

If you would like a CD of the songs sung while you were in the choir (or in attendance at LBI / GVLC), then download the spreadsheet file of the entire playlist here and use the "Contact Us" link in the left-hand column to let us know of your request.  The price for this "custom" CD is $30.00 (which includes shipping and handling [this CD will be discounted 50%, if purchased at any reunion).

In addition to the CDs, the DVD of the "To Reach Out" film is also available for purchase.  Same price as a "John's Favorites" CD (this DVD will be discounted 50%, if purchased at any reunion). 

The importance of these purchased memorabilia is that all proceeds go to the GVLC-LBI Alumni Association to help offset the cost of the reunions.