Monthly Additions

For those Alumni visiting the site throughout the year, we will be attempting to add a new item on a monthly basis.  So, stop back for a visit on an (at least) monthly basis:

May, 2017

In recognition of Memorial Day which is celebrated every year in this month.

An alum ( who is also a veteran ) had attended the Minnesota State Fair on Veterans Appreciation Day in 2015 and thought to put together a Veterans Appreciation Memorial.  It's basically photos ( with statistics ) of each of the American Battle Monument cemeteries with background music ( approximately six minutes ) provided by John Williams' "Hymn to the Fallen," then a short pause for silence before a one minute trumpet fanfare preceding the West Point Cadet Glee Club's redition of "Mansions of the Lord."

April, 2017

To cap off the Easter Season, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina's

"Exultate Deo"

sung by the 1963 - 64 LBI Choir in the LBI Gymnasium

March, 2017

Again, a little late with this one, but in addition to Karla's work mentioned in the February addition, Pastor Donahue Sarff has been doing outstanding work in assembling the historical photos for the Lutheran Bible Institute.  His most recent addition (just received today - and appropriate for this Spring season with the recent announcement of the opening of "Family Camp" Registration at Mt Carmel), the inaugural announcement of the opening of Summer Bible Camps at the (then) new location on Lake Carlos - 1938. Again, located on an external server and a 779 KB .pdf download

Lutheran Bible Institute Mt Carmel Bible Camp

Announcement Brochure 1938 

February, 2017

A little late with this one, but Karla Bakko Reichel (Class of 1984) has been putting quite a few photos out on the GVLC College Alum's Facebook page.  Here's one for the ages:

January, 2017

One of our other projects is attempting to put all of the annuals from 1950 on up on the web site.  Due to a request from an alum, the first one to appear is this month's addition - the 1970 - 71 Reflector (which one reviewer considers to be the most beautiful yearbook ever put together by yearbook student staffers).  It is currently located on an external site and is a 92.4 MB .pdf download:

1970-71 Reflector

December, 2016

The CD with the 1979-80 GVLC Choir version of Tomas Luis de Victoria's "O Magnum Mysterium" was not available to me before this Christmas Season.  So, I hope that you won't mind this substitution of the Luther College Nordic Chamber Choir's rendition (under the direction of Nicole Matt [their YouTube video has been viewed over 1,250,000 times]) of Morten Lauridsen's ethereal, 9-part version of

"O Magnum Mysterium"

November, 2016

With the Holiday of Thanksgiving, we have pulled another piece of music from one of the next volumes of "John's Favorites":

Noah Francis Ryder's "Let Us Break Bread Together"

sung by the 1968-69 GVLC-LBI Madrigals

October, 2016

 Emile Paladilhe's "Benedictus" sung by the 1980-81 GVLC Choir at Orchestra Hall